Group Home Program

Concerned Care operates six group homes throughout Clay County. Each is an ordinary home within a neighborhood, where four to eight individuals with developmental disabilities live together with staff assistance. Every person served by Concerned Care has a personal plan that outlines their individualized supports and services. Instruction is provided on all aspects of community living, including personal care and socialization, activities of daily life, medication and following doctors' instructions, community access skills, budgeting, cooking and shopping. Group home residents are also expected to participate and contribute to the life of their home, doing housework, cooking, doing their own laundry, keeping their rooms tidy and the other chores of daily living. people living in group homes are also expected to participate in self–government of the home and make decisions together that affect the whole group.

Each home has at least one van to transport people to work and various activities within the community.

People living in group homes are encouraged to participate fully in the surrounding community, from assisting with grocery shopping to getting a haircut to enjoying a movie, as they prefer. They also need to have a regularly scheduled daily activity, whether work of some sort, or day habilitation. The homes are not normally staffed from 9 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday as residents are expected to be involved in other activities at that time.

All individuals living in group homes must have been referred for community placement by the Kansas City Regional Center for Developmental Disabilities. priority is given to individuals who are from Clay County.

People who live in group homes and their families often comment that the homes are like family homes and the people living together are like a family.