Community Support Program

In the Community Support Program, staff are available on a scheduled hourly basis to provide specific assistance and instruction to people with disabilities who are either living on their own or with their families. The exact services that each person needs are decided at the person–centered planning meeting. In many cases, people are doing fairly well at living in the community, but need assistance with budgeting, menu planning, grocery shopping, and/or cooking. In other situations, a person may need help accessing benefits and dealing with physicians and other services. Staff members normally meet with people receiving Community Support services anywhere from one to four times a week as needed; some people need assistance only once or twice a month.

People who receive Community Support services must be in stable situations where they are safe on their own, or be receiving support from someone or some other entity during the times that Concerned Care staff members are not serving them. Vehicles are made available for staff to transport people when accessing the community as specified in their person–centered plan. Concerned Care may not contract simply to provide transportation through Community Support. Everyone who receives Community Support services must be referred by the Kansas City Regional Center for Developmental Disabilities.