Individualized Supported Living

Lloyd & Carol Brown Opportunity Apartments

This program, designated as a "Semi-Independent Living Arrangement" by the Division of DD, opened in 2004 to serve the needs of people living in North Kansas City who were displaced by the building of new homes where there had been a low-rent apartment complex. "LCBOA" serves up to 18 people with various levels of care needs. The complex is located in Kansas City North and was built with a HUD grant. Each unit has a single bedroom, bath, and living/dining cooking area. There are four accessible units and staff can communicate in sign language; some apartments have been adapted to meet the needs of individuals who are deaf. People should be able to use a telephone or other communication system pro-actively to seek help if they need it and to stay alone in their home or surroundings for long periods of time, and must either be able to cook and bathe themselves safely, or safely avoid these activities until supervised. The water temperature is subject to being controlled to a maximum of 115 degrees. People need to be able to handle toxic substances such as cleaning supplies without staff supervision. They are expected to clean their own homes with some staff support and guidance. The complex is near a bus stop and two vans provide needed transportation. Staff members (up to five) are mostly available during weekday evenings for instruction and community integration, with two staff on duty on weekends and one on-call overnight. Under ordinary circumstances, people receiving services are expected to be able to choose to stay on campus without staff support for periods of time. Full medication and financial transaction support is provided as needed.