Opportunities to Help

Volunteer Opportunities — How Can I Help?

Volunteers are an important part of program services in recreation, in lending support in a variety of ways to the people we serve. From working to make an event run smoothly, coaching a sports team, or instructing an art project in which you are familiar. Your contribution can make a valuable difference in someone's life.

Volunteer opportunities exist for individuals as well as volunteer groups.  You can help on a one–time basis for special events or on a regular basis.

The variety of program services by the recreation department provides a wide variety of volunteer opportunities to meet individual interests, skills and availability of time.

Volunteer opportunities may include:

  • Instructing or coaching
  • Social and/or peer mentoring
  • Assisting in support of activities

The Concerned Care Recreation Department offers two types of volunteer opportunities

Class I Volunteer:

  • Occasional volunteer
  • Always accompanied be a Recreation Department staff
  • Volunteer for one or two specific events

Class II Volunteer:

  • Volunteer multiple times or for specific programs, or may be a long–term volunteer
  • May help supervise/support consumers more independently than Class I Volunteer
  • May coach or assist a sports team or attend consumer overnight trips (with staff attending and supervising)
  • Will initially work closely and cooperatively with department staff for a period of time

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Recreation Department at 816–474–3026.


The Community Recreation Program has opportunities for professional college and university internships in the fields of Recreation and Therapeutic Recreation.

The purpose of the internship is to provide the student with on the job experiences within a three–way partnership between the university, the student and the agency. All parties in the relationship have specific responsibilities, perform specific functions and receive benefits from their involvement. The internship experience is an important transition from the classroom to the hands–on application of theory and the organization bridging the academic experience with responsibilities as close as possible as a functional member of the Recreation Department.

The Concerned Care Recreation Department can support the following types of college/university projects.

  • General volunteerism (Class I Volunteer)
  • Various “Volunteer Service Hour” projects (Class II Volunteer)
  • Professional Internships

All student interns must complete the applicable Class II Volunteer process.

The Concerned Care Recreation Department holds the following:
Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP) and Certified Therapeutic Recreations Specialists (STRS) requirements.